Top Seven Reasons to Home Brew Beer

As if the end result (beer!) wasn't enough of a reason on its own, here's seven more reasons any beer lover should give home brewing beer a try.

7. Home Brewing Does not Cost a Lot of Money
Most people think in order to get going making beer, you need to spend at couple hundred bucks. This is just not true. There are some excellent home brew kits available for under $100 that have everything you need to get started making your own home brew beer. Also, after brewing several batches you're actually saving money over buying beer in the store.

6. Relieve stress
It's good to have a hobby that you're passionate about to get your mind off of the everyday stress we all encounter. It's tough to wind down sometimes if you're not occupied with something you enjoy doing. If you're already a beer drinker, this can be a great way to relieve a little tension and spend some time focused on something fun - beer.

5. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment
Brewing beer at home is your chance to invent a beer with it's own distinguishing taste. After your first batch, you'll probably begin to change the recipe to suit your taste more. There's been several cases of home brewers making money from their recipes after word getting out about their new flavor or style. There are also many regional contests you can enter and see how your stuff stacks up against other brewers. However, regardless of any level of fame your beer may have, you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when you crack open that first beer that is brewed by YOU!

4. Home Brewing Beer Is Easy
If you can boil water and follow instructions, you can make beer. Some recipes can get complicated but you don't have make something complicated to brew great beer. Start with something simple, refine your technique, and go from there. Whether you use a pre-made ingredient kit or just find the right recipe, anyone who can follow directions can brew up a batch. It may take a little practice to get everything just right, but seriously, it's not that hard. Just be patient.

3. You'll Be Able to Mimic Your Favorite Store-Bought Beer
Whether you love Anchor Steam, Guinness, or Beck's, there are literally hundreds of recipes out there designed to help you clone the taste your favorite beers. It's pretty cool to fool people into thinking they're drinking something you bought when they're actually drinking a beer you brewed yourself. Plus, over time you'll end up saving money with your home brew beer over store bought beer. Take a look at Home Brew Beer Saves Money" for a more detailed breakdown.

2. Home Brewed Beer Tastes Great
Just about all home brewers will tell you that home brewed beer is just as delicious if not better than store-bought beer. This is because beer you make is much fresher than anything you'll find on a liquor store shelf. Besides, only you know exactly what kind of beer you like, so you can customize your recipe according to how you want your home brew beer to taste. It's like pizza - the basic components are the same, but everyone likes different toppings.

1. It's Fun!
Let's not get away from the fact brewing beer at home is a lot of fun! You get to spend time in the kitchen, play around with a bunch of cool equipment, and the end result is BEER. Great tasting, one-of-a-kind home brew beer. And that's what it's really all about, right?

So there you go - seven good reasons to start making your own beer at home. Remember to be patient, and take the time to enjoy the process as well as the results. If you really want to get going on a minimal investment, check out what they did at instructables - make beer with some fairly ordinary items most of us probably have around the house ( buying a kit is probably easier, but it's still fun). Happy brewing!


P Julius
Contributing writer
Beer Enthusiast